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  • Can I return an order?
    Absolutely! We know that it can be tough to buy things online without being able to try them on. That's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect Tee, Tank or Crew. ​ We offer 30 days of returns for a different size, style or color or a full refund. Click HERE for all the details about our Return and Refund Policy
  • Can I wash my Comfy Threads safely?
    100% yes. We recommend you washing them inside out and with like colors, but our Tee's, Tanks and Crews (coming soon) are good under pressure.
  • Will you be selling more than just Tee's and Tanks?
    Oh you know it! We love us a good crewneck sweatshirt! And those will be launching as soon s the weather starts to cool off. And we already have ideas for more comfy threads to come. Stay tuned.
  • How do I know that 10% of my order will ACTUALLY go to the charity listed?
    The #1 reason we started Comfy Threads co. was so we could do good in the world and give back to organizations that are doing REAL good in the world. We will be sending out quarterly reports that track all of our donations to all of our subscribers. If you haven't done so yet, please Join our mailing list so you won't miss any of our reports. And of course, you can always email us at if you every have any questions.
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