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At Comfy Threads Co., our mission is to create cozy clothes for casually fashionable and kind humans so we can wear our funny and share our kind – while giving back to ourselves, our communities and our world. 

We believe that what you wear has the power of the three C's:

  • Confidence

  • Compassion

  • Connection

tell me more - White.png
and yet - Purple.png

Confidence allows us to start conversations, fight for others, support each other, be authentic and have an unwavering belief that all people deserve love.

Every decision we make must come from a place of compassion. From the designs we create to the products we make to our packaging to the charities we support – kindness is key!

Everything we make is to promote a deeper connection. From starting conversations with our funny designs to connecting with our communities and our world – every interaction must be an invitation to connect.

Join us on this journey of wearing funny and sharing kind.
Together, let
's redefine what it means to feel good in what we wear.
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